We can cremate all size dogs up to 100kg - cats, birds, rabbits, bearded dragons and other small pets.
We collect from your local vet clinic and return ashes to them. We can meet you at our home address if you are having a home euthanasia. Vets arrange a time for us to meet- we wait in our vehicle to give you privacy. The cremains are returned back to your home. Price for a private home collection depends on location. 

Infrared Testing

Private Cremation

This is our most popular option.

Private means your pet is alone in the entire chamber. All ashes are collected with fine brushes at each stage to get all the remains possible. You then choose from a scatter box or urn.

This is more expensive than the Individual option due to the whole camber being run for one pet at a time.


Individual Cremation

This is the most affordable option.

Individual means more than one pet is in the chamber and cremated at the same time. Each pet is kept in its individual area by separated trays and distance between them. Your own pet's ashes are collected with fine brushes at each stage and processed separately, you choose from a scatter box or urn.



Scatter Boxes and Urns

We hand make all of our urns from locally sourced wood in our workshop. Each urn is unique. Our rimu is reclaimed from earthquake and demolished homes. Our silver beech is sustainably harvested from Southland and ranges from light brown to salmon pink. Pine is locally milled and is the lightest coloured option. All urns are protected with danish oil.

Our inhouse laser engraving is included with all wooden urns. Popular options to have are name, nickname, dates. We also have scatter boxes, this is a good option if you already have something at home you want to keep them in or if you are going to scatter at a favourite place. We aim to have ashes returned in 24-48hrs.